Travel & Accommodation  

Event participants and spectators may find it cheaper and convenient to arrange their travel, board and accommodation with our Event, Tour and Travel sister company Perimart Management Consultants Ltd (PMC) through

Participants and spectators will be picked up from and returned to Jomo Kenya International Airport by Perimart. The travel will be by tour coach, tour van or tour car for onwards travel to Masai Mara by Road or to Wilson Airport to fly to Keekorock Airstrip and thence to Perimart Nalepo Marathon Village Camp, near Ololaimutia Gate, Masai Mara. Please email for any queries related to transportation in Kenya.

Only Camping and Glamping (Glamour Camping) event participants will stay in the securely fenced Marathon Village on a first-come-first-served basis. Participants and spectators are encouraged to come with their own tents (green in colour) and sleeping mats to use at the Marathon Village where all meals and conveniences will be provided. Participants and spectators should request travel and accommodation forms from

Participants will have opportunities for camping or and glamping and living amongst the Maasai at Perimart Nalepo Marathon Village Camp or staying in exclusive neighbouring camps and hotels ranging from economy backpackers to luxury 3-5 star hotels, camps and lodges.

Please note that the event supports educational, sustainable and environmental protection activities. We aim to keep our environmental impact and carbon footprint to a minimum. Therefore all participants and spectators are encouraged to use the pooled transport we provide and other public transport means. Please note that any vehicles - including participant and spectator vehicles - are not allowed on the Marathon and other Event routes from 3rd to 5th August; only Event and Emergency vehicles are allowed on Event routes. Parking at the Marathon Village is at a premium and is limited to a first-come-first-served basis. Such limited parking must be reserved as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

Booking through PMC

Please note that August is very high season in Masai Mara and accommodation is very hard to get nearer the time. We will allocate the limited accommodation available on a first-come-first served basis. So please book early to avoid disappointment.

Full board accommodation is offered on the basis of per person per day.

Please book your accommodation following the link below, for each and every individual coming with you and you will need to pay at least 20% deposit to secure your room.


Also please note that by participating in this event, you agree and accept that your personal belongings, vehicles, self and baggage are subject to search at the Venue, designated parking lots and before boarding any Event transport vehicle. You also accept and understand that any vehicle that is found abandoned around the Venue may be towed away and any bag, mobile device or such other item found unattended may be removed from the Venue by security personnel and destroyed. You also accept and agree that co-operation with security personnel is mandatory.

Any alcoholic or bottled beverages, and any prohibited or controlled substances under applicable statutes and regulations are strictly prohibited. You must undertake not to bring into, or consume, any illegal substance at the Venue nor will you carry any weapons, smoke bombs, compressed gas containers, blades of any kind, glass bottles or unlicensed communication equipment, including radio transmitting devices, to the Venue. Smoking shall only be permitted in designated areas.